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Re: remailers

[ Marc Horowitz <[email protected]> writes: ]
>People who want to use remailers don't necessarily have the access to
>turn their site into one.  Far more people use email than are
>sysadmins, or friendly with one.

[ [email protected] (Mark) agrees: ]
>What if for instance the user is sending from a student account or some
>other limited system (such as a PC) and they either arent allowed to run
>nohupped unattended processes or are unable to. Will you deny them the use
>of your remailer simply because they cant, or havent the technical knowledge
>on how to, install their own remailer? That sounds a bit odd to me....

First, things are changing.  More and more people are owning their own
machines and setting up their own mail.  Heck, I'm planning on having my
own internet node at home!

Second, we need to proliferate remailers.  Get the students running the
system to install the code (perhaps for credit!).  Or, if you're at a
company, explain to the sysadmin that you need to have access to information
that is only availble from sources on the other side of remailers, or,
perhaps more generally, just indicate that you need connectivity and that
not being a remailer cuts down on the number of sites that you can connect

Finally, perhaps a "student" rating can be added (in addition to "free"
and "reputation-based").

Keeping track of the reputations of remailers is a first step to being
able to keep track of the reputations of signatures (whether real or
pseudonymous).  The next step is the active filtering based on such info.