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Secure Key exchange

<[email protected]> allegedly asks:
>> If you meet someone claiming to be John Gilmore,
>> how will you know he's not an impostor?
	1) I've met him before. (I wouldn't, for example, sign Tim
Jennings' key after meeting him for the first time at a cypherpunks
meeting, since I'd have no other way of identifying him. You, on the
other hand, may be someone I've met before (do you think so?) so I
might...) I've interacted with him to a reasonable extend, both
socially and technically (including one interview with John Markoff.)
	2) He signs my paychecks -- which is "good enough", since the
checks clear :-) 
				_Mark_ <[email protected]>
				MIT Student Information Processing Board
				Cygnus Support <[email protected]>