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thoughts on digital cash

>However, I'm so certain that the law in the U.S. requires
>that the bank have full information on the holders of all accounts
>that I'm willing to bet $150 right now with anyone who believes

You've certainly showed us that you believe this Perry, but otherwise
this statement contains no educational content.  This, to me, sounds
like a grown-up version of "Is so!!!" backed up by "My bank account
can beat up your bank account!"

>[...] ID be presented when you open an account (I know that this is
>now routine practice, although its possible that its only implied
>from the standards used to determine non-compliance rather than
>directly required by the law.)

I'd really like to know if ID is required or not, for one, because
that seems to affect the banks liability vis-a-vis presentation of
false credentials.

You made a claim of fact.  I'm asking for you to provide a reference
in support of your claim.  Simple rational discourse.

>[...] you are going to fall under the commercial banking or
>securities laws no matter what you do, Eric. I'm sorry that you don't
>like this, but its the truth.

Now you're putting words into my mouth.  I made no judgement as to
whether I thought this was a good state of affairs.