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thoughts on digital cash

>From: Eric Hughes <[email protected]>

>>However, I'm so certain that the law in the U.S. requires
>>that the bank have full information on the holders of all accounts
>>that I'm willing to bet $150 right now with anyone who believes

>You've certainly showed us that you believe this Perry, but otherwise
>this statement contains no educational content.  This, to me, sounds
>like a grown-up version of "Is so!!!" backed up by "My bank account
>can beat up your bank account!"

I'm sorry, but I can't be troubled to spend time looking for the
regulation otherwise. This is tantamount to asking me to bother
spending time looking up where in the law books precisely running red
lights is outlawed. I'm certain its illegal, but have very little
interest without a monetary incentive to go and look up precisely
where it says so -- I'd gain no interesting information personally.
I'd have to take time off of work and go to a law library to determine
precisely where in the mass of regulations and laws this particular
practice is prohibited. For $150, the hour or so of my time involved,
although not well compensated for, would at least be sufficiently
compensated for that I would bother.  Obviously, this is not evidence
of the truth, but as you have noted, it is evidence of a very strong
belief. If you have evidence to the contrary, here is your chance not
only to make $150 but to have me do all the work required for you to
get your $150.

>You made a claim of fact.  I'm asking for you to provide a reference
>in support of your claim.  Simple rational discourse.

You don't have to believe me if you don't want to.  As I've said, I
have very little incentive to track down the specific place that the
practice of permitting anonymous accounts is outlawed -- but I'm as
certain of it as I am that driving a car requires a license in all 50
states. If I asserted that fact, and you desired evidence, I would
have a similar lack of desire to go and look up where specifically in
the law books of all the states that driving without a license was
listed as a violation. Doing legal research of this kind is not
entirely unpleasant, but it is tedious and would put me out of my way,
little or no reward.