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Re: Source Code NOT available for ViaCrypt PGP

George A. Gleason Said:

> What about the idea of having someone who is known trustworthy examine the
> source code under nondisclosure?  A passing grade from a couple of the
> respected members of the community here would be great for ViaCrypt's
> promotional efforts, if nothing else...!

That is not a bad idea, and I would trust certain people to tell the
truth about ViaCrypt PGP's security....  the problem is convincing
ViaCrypt to let someone that Cypherpunks consider trustworthy to look
at it.  I mean, I wouldn't listen to Sternlight or Denning, but I
might listen to May or Gilmore.  But would ViaCrypt allow May or
Gilmore to see their source?

Dan Odom
[email protected] -- Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

PGP key by finger or request.