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Re: removed from list....

NO!  I want to be taken off the list!

I don't understand any of this jargon!  please let me go!!!!

On Thu, 26 May 1994, Graham Toal wrote:

> 	From: joshua geller <[email protected]>
> 	there was a mass unsubscribing, probably from nalbandian.
> 	so it is very likely that you did nothing whatever and 
> 	that no one is pissed off at you.
> 	eric wouldn't unsubscribe you without telling you why it
> 	was happening and asking you to stop whatever it was that
> 	was causing to be frustrated.
> Actually I was speaking to lile recently and she said that she was
> removed from the list *after* resubscribing successfully after
> the mass removal.  Something funny is going on.  Anyway, if she wasn't
> taken off by eric, maybe you could resub her?  I think she's sloped
> off in a huff assuming she was thrown out deliberately :-(
> G