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ABC Lateline tonight: `The Clipper Debate'

For those of interest,

/This is primarily for an Australian audience, but as the Australian
/Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) now broadcasts to Asia, this program
/_may_ go out to the wider South Pacific.

ABC Television's `lateline' current affairs program, tonight (Thursday
26th) at approx 10:30pm is /reportedly/ dealing with that insidious
Clipper device. I haven't (and can't at the moment) verify it first

The format of this show is typically a video conferenced debate 
between the host and two or three noted commentators on the topic
of interest. This debate goes for about half an hour, it is not
generally just a replay of a report from somewhere else.

If you've missed the above; Lateline is repeated the following day
at about 1:30pm.


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