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Re: Distribution of FAQ to CompuServe, American Online, etc.

I considered suggesting that I strip Tim's email address out of the text;
then I realized there are probably dozens of copies of it scattered through
the document. Even if the Cyphermonicon were written by Sy Ferpunq and not
by Tim, there are enough email addresses in the body of the document that
this wouldn't save him from email.

Completely sanitizing the document with respect to contact info (i.e. using
names/nyms only and no addresses) would be something of a project. And it
still wouldn't help.

The only counterpoint I could make is that CompuServe users are unlikely to
join cpunks (too much mail == too much money) and the service is illequipped
to help a member find an internet mail address for a person given just a
real name. Sanitization might be enough in that environment.