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Re: Fundamental Question?

I guess that I don't have any real idea about how much traffic goes 
through remailers, myself having only used anon.penet.fi, and even that 
only to reply to others who were anonymized...  anyone have any 
approximate statistics about traffic through other remailers?

And although I know it might be a pain, could there be simple encryption 
(read: fast) that could be implemented so messages could be doubly 
encrypted, the plaintext by pgp, and the pgp text by something else and 
have the identity of the recipient inside the second encryption, where 
each message coming in could be checked to see if it should be pgp decrypted?

Maybe using a simple hash of the recipient's name or other identifying mark?


On Wed, 1 Feb 1995, Robert Rothenburg Walking-Owl wrote:

> Anthony Ortenzi wrote:
> > 
> > Although I understand the need for remailers for anonymity, is it not 
> > true that the whole idea of encryption (good encryption, that is) is that 
> > no matter who gets the encrypted text, it really doesn't matter?  Does 
> > this not mean that something like USENET is *perfect* for this?
> Well, it's happened in the past. Doesn't mean Usenet is perfect for it,
> since nobody wants to sift through several thousand messages a day for
> messages encrypted to him/her.  Also, imagine all the traffic sent to a
> remailer duplicated on overy site that carries that Usenet group...
> Rob