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Re: Remailer Unreliability

>> Date: Thu, 2 Feb 95 18:00 EST
>> From: [email protected] (Anonymous)
>> What if it was possible to specify an alternate remailer?  In the case that
>> a remailer went down, you could specify an alternate.  For example:
>  Well, *I* think it is a good idea.  But how does remailer1 know that
>remailer2 is both a remailer and down?

The issue of whether or not the alternate address is a remailer seems to
be largely irrelevant.  It doesn't really hurt anyone to be able to specify
an alternate address, and the feature would even seem to have some practical
value as you could specify alternate addresses for an end-recipient if
you suspect an address might be unreliable.

As long as the alternate address is only invoked if the first mail delivery
fails, the problem of the exponentially-growing message is avoided as well.


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