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A simple idea

Maybe this has been discussed before, but if so I wasn't around for it 
and would like to know:

What if: (assuming trusted remailers, but still worried about traffic 
analysis of those remailers):

One mailed a message to one remailer. This remailer held onto all 
messages until some predestined hour or kilobyte size or whatever, and 
then forwarded ALL its messages to this other remailer, in one packet 
(.TARred and PGPed separately, say), but NOT IN THE ORDER RECIEVED?

While this wouldn't solve all the problems (to some extent, the sizes of 
files might be correlated, but this could probably be foiled by other 
means), wouldn't it at least foil the easy to/from traffic analysis that 
is (I believe) the greatest threat?

                     Jon Lasser <[email protected]>
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