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No Subject

     From Edupage:
     A professor at St. Cloud University in Minnesota calls for overhauling 
     business school curricula to stress ethical concerns in the electronic 
     age the same way they stress finance or economic theory. The end 
     result? "Information systems will be protected because most people 
     will no longer be willing to purposefully contaminate a program or 
     network; they will protect others' confidentiality, privacy, and 
     copyright as they protect their own; they will refuse to plagiarize, 
     fabricate, and perpetrate other types of fraud; and they will not 
     tolerate such activities in others." The alternative is bleak: "...We 
     will degenerate into secretive, encrypted, overly protective 
     information hoarders, unwilling to share and disseminate knowledge -- 
     except for profit." (Information Week 2/6/95 p.64) 
     But, how do you really feel...

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