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Re: Forward: Teleco/Cabe REg. & Free speech

> paid for by digital cash.  Such a means of exchanging print, audio, 
> video, or any software might be virtually impossible to censor.  Would it 
> be possible to build such a network using current cable systems?  

It is a reasonable bet that all data into the home will come on
cable systems which means they require encrytion anyway.. there
are bridged, not point-to-point...

And other traffic like mobile voice and data will use some RF
technology...  which also requires encryption...

Existing cable systems are now running 1 gigahertz of bandwidth and
I had presentations from TW staff indicating 2 gigahertz is easily

Figure 2 gigahertz of bandwidth (split between analog and digital
services) in each neighborhood and a ATM switch pulling those signals
back to the "head-end/central office" via fiber, and you have the
cable system of the future.. (e.g, for the next 5 to 20 years)..