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Re: Forward: Teleco/Cabe REg. & Free speech

In article <[email protected]> [email protected] (Harry S. Hawk) writes:
>proposed a telecommunications reform plan that would drop all cable TV
>rate regulations; allow local phone and cable competition and
>cross-ownership in one year; ease foreign ownership restrictions; and
>allow local phone companies to compete in long distance in three
>years. A formal counter proposal is expected from the Democrats
>February 14, and it's expected that there will be objections to most
>of the provisions outlined in Pressler's bill. (Investor's Business
>Daily 2/2/95 A4)
>(((cut here)))
>For those that don't know I have my Master's in Interactive
>Telecommunications, and have long looked at cable and teleco from
>several angles including freemarket and cypherpunk viewpoints.

I have to agree.  When I first moved to Austin Texas, the rates for
cable were not too bad, we were in an area that had a choice between
two cable companies.  After a couple years, a third company, a wireless
company came into town.  I then moved to Plano Texas, outside of
Dallas, and was absolutely SHOCKED at the cable prices.  Of course, in
Plano, there was ONE cable company, and all the channels except
broadcast channels were scrambled, so you HAD to get the cable box.  In
Austin, I could use the VCR tuner.  The only scrambled channels were
the premium channels.  The service in Austin was better and about 2/3
the cost.  I definately feel that competition is a MUST!

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