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Re: The SKRONK protocols (version 0.6)

> Stephen D Williams wrote:
> 	I was going to say some similar things about firewalls, but
> then decided that Strick is doing the right thing.  If the firewall
> wants to offer skronk'd services, it can respond to the UDP packet,
> and offer up services, presumably through relays.
> 	The relay/proxy programs for these protocols already exist.
> So you can reuse them to carry encrypted traffic through your
> firewall.  Why build a new set of proxies that have to be checked for
> correctness?

I wasn't talking about replacing the proxy's, but 'playing' them instead
of assuming you could connect directly between the skronked program and
it's server.

In otherwords: Since it looks like we're stuck with visible proxy
firewalls for the forseeable future, we need to start codifying
proxy-relay semantics into new protocol preambles.  This gets us back
to more or less transparent network services.  This is especially true
of non-mainstream methods of access.

> 	Of course, letting encrypted traffic through your firewall
> will upset those people who thought they can virus/porn scan at the
> firewall.  Such scanners are almost always broken anyway.
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