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Re: The SKRONK protocols (version 0.6)

Stephen D Williams wrote:

| > 
| > A skronk map daemon is a UDP service that tells what skronked services are
| > available from a site, and what alternate TCP server port numbers they
| > use.
| UDP won't get through most firewalls.
| Build in support for non-transparent firewalls (ie: telnet gatekeeper,
| c sys port).
| Handle getting access to skronked protocols by using the standard telnet
| port and logging in as 'skronk' to get access to a service multiplexer.
| Just some suggestions to deal with realities of availability.

	I was going to say some similar things about firewalls, but
then decided that Strick is doing the right thing.  If the firewall
wants to offer skronk'd services, it can respond to the UDP packet,
and offer up services, presumably through relays.

	The relay/proxy programs for these protocols already exist.
So you can reuse them to carry encrypted traffic through your
firewall.  Why build a new set of proxies that have to be checked for

	Of course, letting encrypted traffic through your firewall
will upset those people who thought they can virus/porn scan at the
firewall.  Such scanners are almost always broken anyway.


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