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Re: Cooperation

   From: Hal <[email protected]>

   I do like the idea of standards.  In fact I wonder if the current "mark
   1" remailer command set shouldn't be documented as an Internet RFC.  

If an RFC is issued, I personally would like to clean up the syntax
and get the remailer operators to upgrade accordingly.

In particular, I chose Request-Remailing-To: as a purposefully obtuse
experimental name.  It deserves to die.

My preferences are for the following:

Anon-Send-To: for anonymized email
Send-To: for normal forwarded email
Anon-Post-To: for anonymized Usenet posting
Post-To: for a regular mail-to-Usenet gateway

I want to capture the distinction between Usenet and email as well as
to support plain forwarding of text for people with connectivity