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testing the waters re: new crypto FTP site


I'm considering setting up a new FTP site dedicated to cryptography
and security software, code, and information, with particular emphasis
on personal microcomputer (even more particular emphasis on macintosh :)
) security.

I'm sending this message to test the waters regarding how useful such
a new site would be. I considered setting up a new PGP keyserver
earlier, but the consensus of net.opinion when I asked about it seemed
to be that there were plenty of keyservers that worked fine already, so
I abandoned the idea. :-) Does anyone have an opinion they could send me
regarding whether such a new site would be useful / would not be too
useful? I'm looking to do something that would actually be useful to the

For example, I'd like to scavenge the various crypto archives as well
as public archives for programs to password-protect hard drives, encrypt
files and volumes, monitor AppleShare access, do stegnanography, and so
on. Of course, there are the old standbys as well: PGP, cryptanalysis,
dictionaries, password crackers, interesting documentation and clippings
from EMAIL and net.posts from people who know their stuff, and so on.

The crypto stuff, folks would have to send me email establishing legal
eligibility, whereupon I'd create for them a non-anonymous account. The
non-crypto stuff would be in directories accessible to anonymous FTP

This sounds like a lot of fun and I'd enjoy running it. However, if,
like my keyserver idea, I wouldn't be doing anything really new or
useful, it might just be a way for me to spend lots of time not getting
much useful stuff done. :-)

In particular, mail saying "Yeah, that sounds cool, I'd use it" would
mean potential users. No mail to this effect would mean folk already
have sufficient FTP resources. Any opinions appreciated.

[email protected]

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