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Re: preliminary cypherpunks announcement

> From: Adam Shostack <[email protected]>
 > Is the march meeting scheduled yet?  I'm trying to plan to be out for
 > both CFP & the cypherpunks meeting, but have paid no attention to when
 > they're held, since I live on the wrong coast to attend most of them.
 > Adam
 > -- 
 > "It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once."
 > 						       -Hume

 We have the usual 2nd Saturday (March 12) meeting planned, but I
 *definitely* think cpunks should do something around the cfp
 conference.  last year we did an informal in-the-hotel-halls meeting,
 but since this cfp is in the bay area....  I propose keeping the
regular March and April mtgs, and adding a cpunks dinner &&|| BOF at
cfp.  other ideas?

 ps CFP is March 28-31, at the sf airport marriot in burlingame ca.