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CFP, Cypherpunks, and Crypto

Katy Kislitzin wrote:

> > From: Adam Shostack <[email protected]>
>  > Is the march meeting scheduled yet?  I'm trying to plan to be out for
>  > both CFP & the cypherpunks meeting, but have paid no attention to when
>  > they're held, since I live on the wrong coast to attend most of them.
>  We have the usual 2nd Saturday (March 12) meeting planned, but I
>  *definitely* think cpunks should do something around the cfp
>  conference.  last year we did an informal in-the-hotel-halls meeting,
>  but since this cfp is in the bay area....  I propose keeping the
> regular March and April mtgs, and adding a cpunks dinner &&|| BOF at
> cfp.  other ideas?

The Computers, Freedom, and Privacy Conference is to be held 29-31
March 1995, at the Marriott in Burlingame, CA (SF Airport). Details
have been distributed recently to most of the usual places.

I'll be on Michael Froomkin's "Crypto" panel on Friday, 31 March.
Along with Stewart Baker (ex-NSA, famous for "Clipper opponents just
getting revenge for missing Woodstock"), Steve Walker (TIS), Phil
Karn, a Microsoft guy, and maybe others. Details should be available.

So I'm all for a Cypherpunks BOF ("birds of a feather," in case this
term is new to you....basically, a special interest group gathering)
or dinner. Maybe more than one?

--Tim May

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