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Re: Judges-L FAQ

> "Craig A. Johnston" <[email protected]> writes:
> It has come to my attention that the Judges-L FAQ is being distributed
> by someone who obtained it on this list, and being sent to people made
> to look as if it has issued from David Stodolsky.  

> I must inform you that this FAQ is copyrighted material, and 
> you are requested not to distribute it. 

A version of this FAQ with Message-ID <[email protected]> was
posted from Stodolsky's machine in Denmark on 17 Dec 94 by
[email protected] to news.admin.* and misc.legal, asking for feedback
and asking for no distribution restrictions.  IANAL, but it looks to me
like your genie's out of the bottle.

	Jim Gillogly
	Highday, 18 Solmath S.R. 1995, 21:35