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To clear this up.

Something needs clearing up:

I am not a Judges-L sympathizer.  The previous message was posted
at the request of David Stodolsky.  I am subscribed to the list to
see what is going on.  I find the idea of the Judges-L to be repulsive,
personally, as I have told DS and others.

I saw no harm in relaying this message to the list.  All it is likely
to do is create more anti-Judges-L sentiment.  David Stodolsky
claims that they have no desire to hide their FAQ, but that he wishes
for it to be distributed in a controlled fashion.  

To engage in what I deem "fair use": "...disclosure in the wrong context,
or at the wrong time can cause trouble..."

A beaut.

In sum, I find Judges-L repulsive and plan to keep an eye on it.

-Craig Johnston