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Wiretaps & terrorism

	(Why the FBI doesn't really need wiretaps)
	(Part of a continuing series)

From todays (Feb 8) Boston Globe, page 3 
by Larry Neumeister, AP

	New York- the FBI was on the trail of three of the World Trade
Center bombers nearly four years before teh explosion that killed six
and injured 1,000, the government said yesterday.

	In evidence presented at the trial of Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman
and 10 others, the FBI also said it had bugged the Sheik's phone a
week before the blast.

	The surprising testimony - a day ater a key defendant switched
sides - indicated that the government had more extensive knowledge of
the planning for the trade center bombing than it had acknowledged.
And it reaised anew questions about why the FBI was unable to prevent
the 1993 bombing, one of the most serious terrorist actions in the
United States.