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Re: Not necessarily crypto but scary anyway...

>   On Thu, 9 Feb 1995, Robert Rothenburg Walking-Owl wrote:

>   > I heard yesterday that someone in the House of Representatives proposed 
>   > an amendment to the new crime bill which was soundly defeated it. Turns 
>   > out the Amendment was worded exactly as the Fourht Amendment in the Bill 
>   > 'o Rights. Apparently many a congressman/woman has egg on their face...

>   Yes indeed, in response to the H666 bill. The Dems placed up for vote the 
>   text of the 4th Amendment without attributing it to be such. It was 
>   defeated. Dems then immediately took to the floor of the House accusing 
>   the Repubs of tryingto dismantle the Constitution.

so is there a list of names of the people who voted against it? I use
the term "people" very loosely.

actually though, both the democrats and the republicans consider parts
of the constitution to be obsolete. they just differ amongst themselves
as to which part. 

I wish someone would find the elixir of youth and feed it to barry