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Re: MIME based remailing commands

Eric Hughes says:
>    From: "Perry E. Metzger" <[email protected]>
>    [email protected] says:
>    > IMHO, an ideal message would have the ability to handle nested objects
>    > of varying types, MIME is only a start.
>    What is it precisely that you might want to encapsulate that MIME
>    can't encapsulate?
> Perry, you're missing the whole point, just like the exchange a few
> days about a remailer format standard.

If I am missing the whole point, it is because people are being
extremely vague about stating the point. This is engineering, not
social science. One specifies things precisely, as in "I think MIME
can't specify how to encapsulate a sound file", or "I think MIME
doesn't have the right headers defined to specify how long a mail
message is to be delayed". This fuzzy-engineering might feel good to
some of you but from my perspective it does nothing to enhance the
information content fo the discussion.