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Re: C$ prize for bruting Hal's next challenge?

At 19:50 8/22/95, [email protected] wrote:

>I hereby donate c$ 50 to the pot, mail me your c$.  (It won't be a
>good idea if you post your c$ to the lists, as the first person to
>cash it gets it, you need to do it in private email, PGP it even).  To
>generate your payment either save it to a file, or email directly to
>me via the digicash client, click on the icon which looks like a note
>(is that what it's supposed to be? the one next to the bank symbol),
>then choose to send via file / email toggle make payment, enter the
>amount (leave the shop account ID blank, give a payment description if
>you like).

I like the idea, but there are two problems with it:
-Not all platfoms let you save e$ to a file. You got to open a shop.
-Leaving the shop ID blank won't work. You got to use @ (wildcard) for shop
ID to turn e$ into a bearer certificate.

Get the shop going and I'll donate e$50

-- Lucky Green <mailto:[email protected]>
   PGP encrypted mail preferred.