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Re: C$ prize for bruting Hal's next challenge?

Lucky Green <[email protected]> writes:
> > [me on donating to the c$ prize fund for Hal's 2nd challenge]
> I like the idea, but there are two problems with it:
> -Not all platfoms let you save e$ to a file. You got to open a shop.
> -Leaving the shop ID blank won't work. You got to use @ (wildcard) for shop
> ID to turn e$ into a bearer certificate.
> Get the shop going and I'll donate e$50

Okay, a quick email conversation with Mark Grant as to how one goes
about doing shops via cgi/www, and a brief bit of fiddling, and here
we are:


Just click on amount to donate to the pot.  Pay in parts if the amount
you want isn't there (ie 15 c$ = 5 c$ + 10 c$).

cpunks + ecm folks + digicash enthousiasts, accepting your c$
donations now!