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Re: Anonymity: A Modest Proposal

>Lance Cottrell writes:
>> If all nym servers were standardized to run from the same account name
>> (nymserve for example) the remailers could be configured to only deliver
>> final hops to addresses with that username.
>A detail I missed before: the remailers used in pseudonym reply blocks must
>somehow deliver replies to the True Name (verinymous ?) address of the holder
>of the pseudonym. I suppose they could all finally be routed to the
>pseudonymizer, which would deliver the messages directly to the intended
>recipient (holder of the pseudonym).
>-Futplex <[email protected]>

They could also end up getting dumped in a message pool. Perhaps all (or most)
nym servers could operate mailing list message pools. Anyone could
subscribe to the pool, and any nym could have its mail directed to that
pool. It should not be too difficult to rig a procmail script to try to
decrypt all mail from that list, and deliver those that could be decrypted.


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