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Re: Anonymity: A Modest Proposal

Herb Sutter comments on Modemac's proposal,

    At 04:58 10.18.1995 -0700, Modemac wrote:
    >     1) A person writes a message and encrypts it with PGP.

    Using a set public key?  Which would mean the remailers all share
    the same pub/pri key pair (or pieces thereof)?  You'll have to
    come up with a good way of maintaining this secret, since if
    you're not careful it could be compromised by something as simple
    as an attacker's trying to attach a new remailer to the remailer
    group or physically attack any existing remailer.

But using a shared key isn't necessary.  Each remailer can have it's
own key.  The message can be encrypted using PGP's function of
encrypting with multiple public keys.

PGP versions 2.63ui and 2.6.3i, now under development, will even have
the ability to encrypt to a whole -file- of keys, one key per line.

Message senders can use all the scanning remailer keys, or some
subset. Scanners will either skip over or forward msgs they can't

Also keep in mind that under this first layer of encryption is just
the address of another remailer, which could, in turn, either forward
to another remailer, or back to the anon newsgroup.

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