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Re: Anonymous Account Help

On Thu, 26 Oct 1995, hroller wrote:

> I have been having problems trying to set up an account at
> alpha.c2.org. I have followed all the instructions but am still unable to
> get a reply or anything that works right. What I am doing wrong? This is 
> what I have done so far. I am about to pull my hair out. I have been 
> working on this for 2 days now. Anyway, 
> 1. Created a Reply Block like this:  
> Request-Remailing-To: [email protected] 
> 2. I then encrypted it with [email protected]'s Public Key. I prepended it
> with the "Encrypted: PGP".  
> 3. I then created the following message: 
> From: [email protected] 
 > Password: MyPassword 
> Reply-Block: 
> ::
> Anon-To: [email protected] 
> ::
> Encrypted: PGP 
> -------Begin PGP Message---------- 
> "The Encrypted Reply Block Message"  
> ------End PGP Message------------- 
> 4. I then sent it to "[email protected]".  
> Then I wait. But never get anything from alpha.c2.org.  I have gotten 
> some anonymous messages from replay, but they are still encrypted so 
> I don't know what it is sending me. Any help you can supply would be
> greatly appreciated.
>Humm, If you got an encryped return from alpha.c2.org that means that 
your request worked. Use the password you sent to them to decrypt the msg 
you received... I spent alot of days waiting for something to happen when 
I first registered, I think the name or password I was trying to use had 
already been used. If that is the case, alpha.c2.org dosn't respond at 
all. It took me awhile to figure that out. Once I selected a name and 
password that no one else was using... It worked...