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Re:NEVER MIND - Anonymous Account Help

On Thu, 26 Oct 1995, hroller wrote:

> Then I wait. But never get anything from alpha.c2.org.  I have gotten 
> some anonymous messages from replay, but they are still encrypted so 
> I don't know what it is sending me. Any help you can supply would be
> greatly appreciated.
> hroller

Thanks to sameer, David and Joel M. for pidaho, it was working all the 
time. Those messages I was getting were the confimations. I just didn't 
know it. After decrypting the messages everything is working fine now. 
The only thing I didn't see in the Help files was that when you get 
confirmation from Alpha, it will be encrypted. But that was pointed out 
in Pidaho, Ver 2.5 Beta 6. 

Again thanks to all that helped.