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Re: rejection of CJR

I happened to speak to Mr. Capilino at the Office of Defense Trade
Controls this morning, and mentioned that the Commodity Jurisdiction
Request for the T-Shirt had been returned and read him the message to
that effect.

He told me that that was the wrong address for mail, since it was used
only for currier deliveries, and that they have stopped accepting even
currier deliveries there since the Oklahoma city bombing.

He suggested that those who want to apply for the Commodity
Jurisdiction determination should call him at 703-875-7396.  He will fax 
the current information on how to submit a CJR to anyone upon request.  
He did not say so, but I rather think he looks forward to getting the
T-Shirt request.

Peter D. Junger--Case Western Reserve University Law School--Cleveland, OH
Internet:  [email protected]    [email protected]