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Re: newsweek oct 30 Levy digital cash article

>also, my question about whether one loses the downloaded Chaumian bucks
if one's hard drive crashes was answered in the affirmative by Levy.

But as I said, if the drive is backed up you don't lose it. It's my 
understanding this is the case with the current Digicash/Twain bucks.  
But not necessarily with all implementations.

This "lose your money" with digital cash really does seem to get to 
people. I always point out that when you take $ out of an ATM machine, 
you don't expect to get it back if you lose it.  For those forms of 
e-money that are irretrevable when lost users are warned not to download 
huge amounts. 

Question: will people's worries about losing their e-money lead them to 
accept a higher degree of tracibility as a tradeoff?