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Re: [Noise] Perrynoia in the Comics

At 08:13 AM 10/26/95 -0400, you wrote:
>Alan Olsen writes:
>> This has no real crypto relevence, but some anarchistic relevence.
>As much as I found the comment interesting, it probably belonged
>somewhere like libernet-d, not here on cypherpunks.

I posted it on Cypherpunks becuase it is the only list I take where such
political views are even mentioned.  I thought that people on the list would
enjoy it.  I prefaced it with [noise[] so that people who would object would
skip over it.  Evidently that disclaimer is not enough anymore.

>[I'm posting this in public, as I do about one in ten such messages,
>so that a wider audience of people will be discouraged from posting
>such things in advance. Don't bother mailing me a message saying "you
>are adding to the noise yourself, why not mail in private" -- I do
>that 90% of the time. Sometimes the nose levels rise enough that I
>feel that a few public mentions would do some good.]

I am not certain as to the "nose levels" as I thought they stopped
publishing a number of months back.

I think you need to get some treatment for those hardening of the orthodixies.

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