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Re: [Noise] Perrynoia in the Comics

At 6:05 PM 10/26/95, Alan Olsen wrote:
>At 08:13 AM 10/26/95 -0400, you wrote:
>>Alan Olsen writes:
>>> This has no real crypto relevence, but some anarchistic relevence.
>>As much as I found the comment interesting, it probably belonged
>>somewhere like libernet-d, not here on cypherpunks.
>I posted it on Cypherpunks becuase it is the only list I take where such
>political views are even mentioned.  I thought that people on the list would
>enjoy it.  I prefaced it with [noise[] so that people who would object would
>skip over it.  Evidently that disclaimer is not enough anymore.

I found Alan's comment about the comics interesting, as even Alan's critic
apparently did, and hardly harmful to the overall noise level. It gave in a
short snapshot a vignette of "pop culture" views of surveillance.

At less than 1% of the size of the latest EPIC crosspost to our list (or
was it EFF, or VTW?) it hardly will affect the list in any significant way.

Many of us have posted movie reviews, book reviews, even mentions of Alison
Armitage sightings. The list is more than just about Java and Netscape,
though newcomers may not know this.

--Tim May

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