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RE: Let's Not Merge Mailing Lists, OK?


The problem is reducing the noise at cypherpunks list, so all communities can 
benefit from it, and not the "varying levels of competence" different 
communities may have.  What more noble cause is there than to educate others of 
your beliefs.  A well thought out question or cross-point is not noise but a 
poorly-backed false claim certainly is.

In special instances, cross-postings enable the cypherpunk community and 
the other communities to interact together to produce real-life solutions that 
real people would care to use.  Thinking on the social issues such as anonymity
and privacy with no regards to what other communities think about or have to 
say is simply not optimum.

Now if there is technical issues, such as mail-loops or some such thing against
cross-postings, please inform.



Being subscribed to cypherpunks is not a prerequisite for following the list;
thanks to its hypermail archive and numerous filters.