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RE: Let's Not Merge Mailing Lists, OK?

At 8:11 PM 10/26/95, Ali Bahreman wrote:

>Being subscribed to cypherpunks is not a prerequisite for following the list;
>thanks to its hypermail archive and numerous filters.

No,. of course it isn't.

But copying the  [email protected] mailiing list on a post, as
you and some others did, is much more than following the list with
hypermail and other such tools: it is actively posting to two mailing

Sometimes this is OK, but often it results in two lists only marginally
educated in the issues of the other list.

I replied at more length to Ali in private, but will say here that anyone
is welcome to join the Cypherpunks list and to read up on the FAQs and
archives of past discussions.

--Tim May

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