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Leslie Lundquist, a co-worker of mine here at Electric Communities,
together with Dan Lynch from Cybercash & Interop fame, has written
a book called  _Digital Money: The New Era of Internet Commerce_.

It should appear in stores "real soon now"; it can be ordered right now
from any book store for $24.95. The book is intended as an overview
of current and projected digital payment systems and commerce, and
contains basic background information on the underlying technology.
It is intended for the general reader: this is the kind of book a
techno-weenie might buy for his or her manager to help them understand
some of these issues.

Note that this is a different book than _Digital Cash_, by Peter Wayner.
I'm not in the loop on this, but this appears to be "one of those
things" and not intentional on anyone's part.

For more information, e-mail [email protected]