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Re: newsweek oct 30 Levy digital cash article


In article <[email protected]>,
Vladimir Z. Nuri <[email protected]> wrote:
> if this is true, I wanted to point out in my post that this is a property
> that real cash does not have. you cannot ever say to your bank from which
> you withdrew cash, "oops, I lost a piece, could you replace it? also, if
> someone spends the piece that I lost, tell them they can't?"
> or, the bank might say, "oh, well, that cash was not spent yet. we can issue
> a replacement and bar the cash from being spent". this idea of "replacing"
> cash is of course unique to the electronic realm. if the bank does it,
> the consumer would be required to notify the bank before the cash is 
> spent, again another unusual property unique to e-cash.

Hrmm, is this really unique to e-cash?  It sounds pretty similar to
traveller's checks.

(I do like your suggestion that e-cash service providers should write
a FAQ listing all the properties of their ``cash''!)
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