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Re: newsweek oct 30 Levy digital cash article

>>you apparently didn't notice but there were some other posts on this
>>list about writing down the random seed that a person used to generate
>>the cash, and then being able to restore the cash somehow based on knowing
>>the random seed, however privacy is sacrified in this case apparently.
>>this with the Chaumian implementation, from what I understood.
>I would not say that privacy is "sacrificed" if, in fact, Digicash
>has implemeneted this "write down the original random seed" backup
>method. Worst case scenario -- you write down the seed, and when the
>police break down your door, they find that you've written it down.

point well taken, but I thought the original poster stated that one
had to reveal the blinding factors to the bank, which I interpreted
as "sacrificing" anonymity.

frankly, I didn't understand that whole procedure and that's why I
asked someone to go into detail about this very important aspect
of the cash beyond the 3 liners or so I have seen.