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Re: S. 1284 To Amend (C) Act

> The 9/28/95 Congression Report states that Senators Hatch and Leahy
> have introduced a bill to amend the Copyright Act in accord with the
> suggestions of the recent White Paper on the National Information
> Infrastructure.  In relevant part, S. 1284: 1) makes transmission of
> copies a type of publication (and thus potentially a means of
> infringing a copyright); and 2) prohibits the importation,
> manufacture, or distribution of any device the primary purpose of
> which is to deactivate any technological protections that prevent or
> inhibit the violation of copyrights.
> Though I can imagine cypherpunks objecting to the first of these two 
> provisions, I'm especially interested in how you regard the 
> second.

Its a mad mad mad mad mad world. I'd better order my cable descrambler
ahead of time.