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Re: CJR returned to sender

At 4:43 PM 10/26/95, Jeff Weinstein wrote:

>  The ITARs are currently keeping us(Netscape) from distributing
>our US-only products to people within the United States.  We have
>asked for clarification from the government about network distribution,
>such as how much verification of location and citizenship of the
>recipient we must do, and have yet to receive a response.  That
>makes it more than just an export issue, at least for us.

And I agree that this is a much more important issue than whether a t-shirt
can get an OK for export or not.

If the CJR for the t-shirt is ultimately granted, what useful information
will be derived, or what implications for Netscape's question will be

If the CJR for the t-shirt is ultimately denied, ditto?

Distribution over networks--which is happening every day, and which is
happening every time the Cypherpunks list contains code fragments and other
useful comments on crypto tools--is a much more serious issue.

The t-shirt joke is unlikely to help. (For all those who commented that
wearing the munitions shirt is rilly, rilly kool, I say "Great!" Wear it in
the mosh pits, just lie to people about how the t-shirt "has been
classified as a munition." It hasn't been as of this writing.)

--Tim May

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