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Re: CJR returned to sender

Timothy C. May writes:
> At 4:43 PM 10/26/95, Jeff Weinstein wrote:
> If the CJR for the t-shirt is ultimately granted, what useful information
> will be derived,

Bar coded source code will be declared to be exportable under the
ITAR. This will be the first time machine readable crypto code is
declared exportable.

> If the CJR for the t-shirt is ultimately denied, ditto?

It will not only prove embarassing because the situation is so silly,
and produce vast amounts of added P.R., but may very well prove to be
an ideal test case -- the speech in question is so political, and the
demonstrable harm to the national security so non-existant, that the
court case would be of value.

Of course, Tim won't be seeing this posting (as he has declared me to
be on his kill list) so he'll keep claiming the exercise is useless,
but I think its extremely valuable. Go for it! Don't let the grumpy
folk tell you this is a "joke". Its no more funny than the entire
export control regime.