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   10-23-95. NYPaper:

   "An operating system to keep the wide spaces open while
   providing security. Providing tools to build hangouts in
   cyberspace, protected by encryption." Denise Caruso's

      Electric Communities began work began in 1993 on the
      Cyberspace Operating System, or COS, designed to manage
      the resources of shared computing -- like security and
      bandwidth -- just as operating systems like the
      Macintosh OS or Windows 95 manage resources inside a
      desktop PC. The team is inventing some technology,
      including a programming language (compatible with Sun
      Microsystems' new Java language for Internet
      applications) and a design concept for software building
      blocks which it is in the process of patenting. In
      addition, staff cryptographers are weaving encryption
      throughout the system to make it absolutely secure and

   COS_sec  (6 kb)