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Re: One Time Pad encryption over the Internet, securely? (fwd)


> I *had* to forward this to you.  Can you give him the answer, or are you
> bound by an NDA?  I can't remember.
> Corby

Unfortunately, I am bound by an NDA.

However, I am not violating the NDA by saying that Craig is correct.
There is no way to do a one-time pad except by doing a one-time pad.
In other words, it is not possible to generate synchronized, truly
random key streams at remote locations non-algorithmically.

One-time pads have a property that no other encryption scheme has.  If
I am an attacker and I somehow gain access to all of the key material
and all of the plaintext that two communicating parties have so far
used, I am still unable to decipher the next transmission.  *Only*
one-time pads have this property, and there is no way to achieve it
without negotiating a key stream out of band.

OTPs also have some other properties that are more mathematical in
nature.  For instance, the probability of getting any particular bit
of plaintext from a given ciphertext is equal to the raw probability
of getting that plaintext by itself.  In other words:

   p_P(x_i | c) = p_P(x_i)

where P is the plaintext space, x_i is the plaintext, and c is the


   p_K(K) = 1/|K|

which means that all keys are used with equal probability,
irrespective of plaintext and ciphertext.

Hope this helps!

   - Mark -

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> > I was contacted and asked whether I was interested in software which
> > which used a one time pad for encrytion.
> > 
> > It comes from Elementrix an Isreali company is offering encrypted email,
> > ftp and what they call "personal firewall" software.
> > 
> > This software uses a One Time Pad via a patent pending method. I am no
> > encryption expert and the information available is limited but it would
> > seem to me that there is no way to do this over the internet securely.
> > 
> > See, http://www.elementrix.co.il/
> > 
> > Cheers, Craig
> > 
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