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Re: Mark Twain Bank's DigiCash offer

On Fri, 27 Oct 1995, Andrew Loewenstern wrote:
> The gotcha being that as long as your money is in the "mint" it is not under  
> FDIC protection...  Just how safe your cash is when it is in the mint is  
> entirely related to the security of Mark Twain's systems, which are  
> high-profile machines that will surely be subjected to many cracking  
> attempts.  Some may prefer to keep complete control over their cash and store  
> all of it themselves.  Unlike physical cash, this stuff can be split up,  
> encrypted, and stored in multiple places, possibly offering more security  
> than the Mark Twain "mint."

Unfortunately, it also expires (btw, how soon??):

----- 8< ----- quoted from http://www.marktwain.com/digifaq.html ---------
Once the money is on your hard drive, you can hold it (until expiration 
date - check this often), or spend it.