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Re: Cuban Security Conference

>		International Conference Center
>		     Pabexpo, Havana, Cuba
>			March 4-9, 1996
>	3rd Ibero-American Seminar on Protection against
>    Computer Viruses and Security of Information Technologies

I wonder if they'd be receptive to talks on private communications,
digicash, tax avoidance through digital technology, anarchy and
collapse of government power, etc. :-)   (Maybe they would;
Cuba's got to do something to get their economy out of the
post-Soviet-subsidy doldrums, and with the US preventing free
trade in sugar for them, maybe allowing capitalism will be their
only choice...)

For any Yankees interested in going, you generally need to be
a journalist of some sort to avoid the Trading With The Enemy Act
restrictions, but in cyberspace, that's easily arranged.
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