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Cuban Security Conference

Mr Guevara of the Cuban embassy in London asked me to post
this announcement. Pass it on.



		International Conference Center
		     Pabexpo, Havana, Cuba
			March 4-9, 1996


	3rd Ibero-American Seminar on Protection against
    Computer Viruses and Security of Information Technologies

	*	Antivirus and protection software

	*	Security of information technologies, including
		-  diagnostic and security plans
		-  risk analysis, contingency and recovery plans
		-  technical aspects: identification and
		   authentication, cryptography, security models
		-  security organisation and management, security
		   policy, information sorting, training of users
		   and authentication
		-  security evaluation
		-  integration of security systems
		-  audit trail

	*	Experience

	Chairman of the organising committee: Jose Bidot Pelaez,
	    Chairman, National Committee for Data Protection


	   1st International Seminar on Information Audit

	*	Information audit in business and financial

	*	Information audit and current technology

	*	Tools for information audit

	*	Controls and risks in information systems

	*	Information audit for information systems

	Chairman of the organising committee: Fransisco Deiros,
	President, Information Audit Group, National Committee
	                    of Informatics

	Papers should be sent to the convention secretariat:

		Lic. Nancy Batard Najarro
		INFORMATICS 96 Executive Secretary
		Palacio de las Convenciones
		Apartado 16046, La Habana, Cuba

		Tel: +537 33-1466 / 20-6850
		Fax: +537 33-1657 / 33-1708

		Email: [email protected]