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Re: Pinkerton Risk Assessment & "Security 2000"

[email protected] said:
> They advertise their services as:

> "... the risk assessment tool for the 21st century. If you or other 
> members of  your company travel internationally, the Global Risk 
> Network  on MSN. is an  invaluable service, keeping you informed of 
> worldwide events, political  turmoil, global sensitive spots, and 
> more! Now you have direct online access to  a wealth of exclusive 
> Pinkerton information, all via your computer. You can  even order 
> hard copy reports or have customized research performed by Pinkerton  
> Risk Assessment  experts, simply type in your request. Tailored for 
> the  individual traveler, as well as the corporate executive, our 
> risk services give  you several options to know the security 
> situation anywhere."

The Deptartment of State has the same information available on Compu$erv
and possibly the internet.

Perhaps more importantly, this information is also available for free
on the Internet.