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Re: payee anonymity

At 3:35 PM 10/31/95, Hal wrote:
>Another way payees could be anonymous would be to immediately spend their
>received coins, and do so anonymously.  This works for the online ecash
>system.  They simply pass the coins on without first exchanging them at
>the bank.  There would have to be something they wanted to buy that they
>could receive anonymously, though.

Such as other coins?

(Since I hate cryptic one-liners, I'll elaborate. There seem to be enough
"degrees of freedom" involved in exchange of digital coins such that payee
and payer anonymity is achievable. "Coin mixes" using "shell game" methods
seem adequate. One puts N coins in, gets back N coins, spot checks the
validity of some of the coins by redeeming them, and everyone is happy.
Fraud is contained to manageable proportions.)

--Tim May

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